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SatinSmart owner Sandra Brown sews satin lined caps for natural hair


We love our natural hair and know you love your hair too!
At the beginning of 2016, the founder Sandra was at her wit's end trying to find quality, affordable ways to protect her natural hair:
"My hairdresser - the Hair Whisperer, Tendai - recommended for me to sew a satin lining in my wool hat.  Then I made hats for my mother (she had to like them!) other family members, and friends.  Finally I realized I had a product others would enjoy!"
SatinSmart was born to bring you the benefits of satin-lined hats.
If you would love to see a particular style hat you feel you just can't find, email us! We want to know what you as a customer really want.  We would love to hear from you.

SatinSmart owner Sandra Brown sewing satin lined hats for curly hair
Closeup of SatinSmart sewing machine used to make a satin cap


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