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Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to protect your hair from the sun. Powerful UV rays can dry hair out and damage it, causing hair to split and break easily. If you want to work proactively to avoid sun-damaged hair, here are 5 important things you can do.

1. Use a Hair Mask – In order to maintain moisture, you can use a hair mask once per week. This will help to restore moisture as well as the nutrients your hair needs to recover from the sun. It will also help to prevent future damage.

2. Drink Lots of Fluids – Staying hydrated is an important element in protecting your hair from the sun. If your body is dried out to begin with, your hair will already be in trouble when the sun starts to beat down on it. If you are always on the go, keep a refillable water bottle with you.

3. Try an Overnight Hair Treatment – Overnight treatments involve a leave-in conditioner. Many of these products encourage you to wrap your head in a towel when you lay down for bed. Just remember though that cotton can absorb moisture and dry your hair out, working directly against your leave-in treatment.

4. Find a Leave-In Conditioner with UV Protection – This can give your hair extra protection while you are out and about for the day, especially when you are in situations where you cannot wear other forms of sun protection.

5. Wear Sun Protection – The best way to keep the sun from damaging your hair is to make sure your hair doesn’t even come into contact with the sun in the first place. Satin-lined hats, caps, and beanies from SatinSmart are the sexy way to protect your hair. And since satin won’t mess up your hairdo or get caught in your hair, you take the hat off once you get indoors without worrying about hat head.

By following these tips, you can limit and even reverse hair damage due to the sun. To learn more about how our satin-lined hats for men and women can help, read more on our website. Feel free to follow us on social media and ask us any questions you may have via our Twitter account.

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