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You may agree that the difference between feeling strong and confident or wanting to spend the day in bed can relate to whether you are having a good hair day or a bad hair day. Why does hair have such a powerful effect on how we look to others or even ourselves?

Here are 3 ways healthy hair affects your image.

1. Confidence – Healthy hair is sexy. We have that drilled into us. When you are having a good hair day, you feel like you are in charge. Healthy hair ensures more good hair days and can thus provide a self-esteem boost.

2. Aging – We associate changes in our hair with growing older. It thins. It turns gray. It falls out. Healthy hair is associated with youth and vitality, so of course, it has an effect on our image.

3. Aesthetics – Since our hair frames our face, healthy hair is the difference between using a handcrafted artisan frame or a cheap plastic one. When it comes to frames, you can enhance a picture or detract from it. The same is true with the way our hair frames our face. Healthy hair enhances our appearance.

Enhance Your Image with Sexy, Healthy Hair

If you want more self-confidence, a youthful look, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, healthy hair is one of the key elements. How can you help to maintain the health of your hair?

SatinSmart beanies, berets, and baseball caps can help to protect your hair. Satin-lined hats lock in moisture rather than wicking it away like cotton and other absorbent fabrics. They also protect your hair from the sun, decrease fizziness, and promote growth, all without snagging or pulling when you remove your hat.

If you are ready for healthy, sexy hair, check out our shop today! You can also follow us on Facebook for all of the latest SatinSmart news and promotions.

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