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You know heat isn’t the best thing for natural hair, but what if you really can't hold out any longer? Let’s consider 5 ways to protect your hair from heat damage that may occur when you use beauty tools like a blow dryer or flat iron.

1. Use a Protectant – When you are going to use a styling tool that involves heat, you should always start by applying a protectant. They don’t block 100% of the damage, but it is better than nothing.

2. Reduce the Heat – Know what the minimum temperature is that can create the style you want and stick to it. Try to stay below 200 degrees if possible. If you have very thick hair, stay under 300.

3. Straighten Sparingly – Straightening is really harsh on your hair. Try to find styles for natural hair that don’t require the iron. If you can reduce straightening your hair to once every few months, it will suffer a lot less damage than it would from weekly styling.

4. Follow Up with Hydration – Hydrating hair masks can help to replenish hair that has suffered heat damage. Protein treatments are particularly good for helping heat damaged hair to get some of its elasticity back.

5. Protect Your Style – You can style your hair less frequently if you protect your 'do. Wearing a satin cap to bed is a great way to wake up to the same sexy style you went to bed with.

Lightweight, Fitted Beanies and Caps from SatinSmart

From beanies to embroidered, adjustable baseball caps, SatinSmart has a satin-lined hat that will match your personal taste and help to maintain your style. The satin lining won’t catch on your hair or wick away the moisture as cotton would.

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